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Apr 18, 2017

When you find a mosquito on your neck, you swat it. When you find a wasp's nest in your backyard, you burn it. But what do you when the bugs have taken over your entire town? * EXUVIAE: RELICS OF HOUSE DRAGONFLY: * +2 COMEDY: * +2 COMEDY PODCAST: * FOLLOW WILL ON TWITTER: * FOLLOW +2 COMEDY ON TWITTER: * LAWFUL GOOD GAMING PRESENTS: WORLD WIDE WRESTLING FIGHT FEST 2017: * ALL MY FANTASY CHILDREN: @allmyfantasychildren * SUPPORT PARTY OF ONE ON PATREON: * THEME SONG: Mega Ran feat. D&D Sluggers, "Infinite Lives," RandomBeats LLC, * LAWFUL GOOD GAMING PRESENTS WWW FIGHT FEST 2017: * CALL YOUR REPS: * DONATE: * DONATE: